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SPI FOR GELUSIL® MPS Tablets/Liquid (Antacid, Antigas) (Original-Mint Flavour) AND GELUSIL® MPS Liquid (Antacid, Antigas) (Xtra Cool - Mint Flavour)

COMPOSITION: Each uncoated chewable tablet contains: Dimethicone l.P. 50 mg.,magnesium Hydroxide I.P 250 MG., Dried Aluminium Hydrioxide 250 mg., Magnesium Aluminium Sillicate Hydrate 50 mg., Liquid Each 5 ml (I teaspoonful) contains: Activated Dimenthicone I.P. 50 mg., Magnesium Hydroxide I.P. 250 MG Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel I.P. 250 mg.,Sorbitol Solution (70%) I.P. 1.25 G. DOSAGE: 1 to 2 tablets/ 5-10 ml liquid ½- 1hour orally after meals or when symptoms are pronounced , for short-term (upto 4 to 6 weeks).

INDICATIONS: for relief of symptoms of hyperacidity (e.g., heartburn, epigastric discomfort, or their equivalents) often associated with dyspepsia, peptic ulcer, gastritis, peptic esophagitis, hiatus hernia and for relief of flatulence (gas). ADVERSE REACTIONS: generally well tolerated.

WARNING/PRECAUTIONS: should be used with caution in patients with renal impairment. Do not take more than 10 teaspoonfuls / 12 tablets in a 24 hour period. Do not use this maximum dosage for more than two weeks except under the strict medical supervision. Not advised in children upto 6 years of age unless prescribed by a physician. Pregnancy/ lactation: as per risk/benefit assessment. Adapted from LPD of GELUSIL Tablets/Liquid and GELUSIL (Xtra Cool) Liquid; Version 4 LPDGEL032011.